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Birch Hills Aviation is based out of Birch Hills, Saskatchewan at the municipal airport CJD3. We are approximately 15NM southeast of Prince Albert, and have both a paved and grass crossing runway.



Pilot and Flight Instructor

Bryce Meyer

Bryce was born in Medicine Hat, Alberta and spent the majority of his childhood in the United States. He has had a strong interest in airplanes and aviation all his life. Bryce has held a pilot's license since the age of 17, and pursued degrees in aeronautical science and business management in Billings, Montana. Since than he has held positions as a flight instructor, airline, corporate, and pipeline patrol pilot as well as an aerial applicator. 


Nick Glister

Pilot and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Nick was born in Melfort, Saskatchewan and has had a passion for aircraft since childhood. Nick graduated from Red River College with honors in aircraft maintenance. He is a passionate, thorough aircraft mechanic and pilot, and has over a decade of experience working on piston aircraft ranging from small fabric taildraggers to large radials. He is particularly interested in engine work, fabric work, and has extensive experience with maintaining single row radial engines.

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